Something new, something old

I made a dress today. Though it is not a dress, it's more of a tunic. I just cut two pieces of fabrik and made something out of them. I have been facinated by some Japanese street style and this thing was born out of that inspiration. I usually use patterns so/but I wanted to do things a little different this time.

I made pizza with my friends, our "neighbors". It was goood. I was really hungry when I finally got a slice! My tummy grew size of a football. It happens every time and I look like a pregnant woman. My girl friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next summer. I'm kinda thrilled! I have never done that before. We tought about her wedding dress. I think you can have more personal dress if you make one by yourself. So we were thinking about using her old dress as a base of the dress. So it would be white and turquoise. It is too soon to think about this matter too much yet, but I have dozen of ideas.

The one I made today is the kind of pale pink thing with pink ribbons.

Neuletakki/Gardigan: Huuto.net/A Finnish "ebay"
Mikälie/Whatever: Tein itse/Made myself
Tunika/Tunic: Itsetehty/Selfmade
Housut/Trousers: En muista, melkein yhtä vanhat kuin minä /Can't remember, almost as old as I am
Kukka/Flower: Neuloin itse/ Knit by myself

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