Top 10 most happy things

I thought I'd think ten things that makes me happy now days. It was harder than I thought. Maybe it's finnish melancholy. At the end I was able to find all the ten and more :). These are not organised in any specific order.
1. Friends and family
Of course, what else? My little sisters, parents, boyfriend and friends are the most important to me. Cliché, sure, but true still :).

2. Relaxing

At this time of the year people have a lot of stress including me. To me it's more than necessary to take a break from time to time. Though recently I've been relaxing more than doing my homework, it's a problem.
3. Boyfriend the nerd
It's funny how important it is to see this scene almost every day :D. And somehow quite sad, just look at the size of the monitor...my laptop at right is regular size. Nerdy...
4. Woolen, warm things

Now that there is snow on the ground and it's cold, I love get dressed on woolen clothes like gardigans, scarfs and socks.
5. Battlestar Galactica

The second best scifi series after Firefly. Me and Jansku have been watching this like crazy for months!
6. High heels

These are my new shoes. I coulsn't resist the bow on the ankle. And they are black and the fit my feet, which is a little miracle. I have diffrent size feet. These shoes make me wait  little christmas parties! I've even got my first invitation!
7. Letters

I love letters! One of my friends sends me real paper letters and I'm always as happy to get one from the mail. I'm just a little slow when it comes to writing back.
8. My camera

Taking fotos have beacome a lot easier since I bought this camera. There is my today's outfit :).
9. Magazines

I'm so happy every time I hear a certain sound of mail falling on the floor. Fashion pictures and trends!
10. Good discussion
What could be more satisfying than a good conversation with an interesting person? Sad but all my best of the best friends live in another cities or abroad, so I haven't had as many chances to talk about my ideas and thinking.

The time is toooo late, again. I aiming for bed now.

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