Woolen socks

Now I'm going to write only in English, because I haven't done that lately. And because I'm tired, again. Basically I've been doing nothing for a while now. I've just been home or at my parent's house and just...watching TV or doing something with a computer (like playing Spore!). And today I was in school for two hours ice skating, which was kind a fun..
I love those woolen socks by the way. Best ones I've ever had. So warm and nice colour, handmade also. Someone really put her heart in it.  It's been very cold here latelty. At friday it was snowing real hard and I barely saw anything when I visited my old friend, who I met last time six months ago. Those who claim I'm unsocial my have a point in there. But me and my friend had fun talking and watching some anime series. He asked if I could visit him again today in fact, but I have reservations all week. Nice.  Nothing special, just school and my hobbies. We are going to have a dancing class with my boyfriend! I'm totally hopless dancer and he has never really done it so...it might have an interesting outcome. I've started to think maybe I have gathered too many hobbies for this year. Now I am going to have three: taiji, the acting and dancing. That could mean I have practices three to five times a week. Plus school. Sounding good to you? To me certainly no. I will have problems if I have to quit one. The acting might be it, but it would be sad though. It just takes so much time and taiji is relaxing and dancing is exercise, which I totally need. We'll see.
This is what I have been doing today: maths and I should get the loundry into the closet or empty the dishwasher. I'm sooooo tired, it's the darkness that does it.

This is one of my tolerable outfits I can show you.

But this is what I've mostly looked like.

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