A wedding dress

Met a guy or a girl? Feeling so right? Hearing the bells ringing?

I'm not :D. But my girl friend is getting married next summer. Yesterday we were searching fabrics for her dress and for the bridesmaids' dresses, which means also me. She asked me to be her maid of honour and I said yes ;). So, I have some adventurous time untill the wedding. The party is beeing held at her parent's place in countryside. I've never been there though. Anyway we spent hours looking the right fabric for bridesmaid's dresses, because the bride herself has this turquoise summerdress and on that we are going to build the actual dress, and bridesmaids also need dresses colored the same shade of turquoise. We were lucky enough to find good fabrics. We just have to sew them. Without patterns. Interesting.

I promised you some more "interesting" subjects. I thought what could be more interesting than dreaming about the princess wedding nobody really even wants to have. I looked for dresses and oh there are so many! And it seems that they are cheaper abroad. I realized that you can find the modern kind of dresses in vintage also! Things really never changes do they?

Here is some history:

These dresses are sold in US eBay.








Basically these dresses cost 10 to 150 dollars. That's so cheap I think it's ridiculous. Except the 50's dress with black decorations, which costs 1500 dollars. But it's couture.

These are dresses from 2009 collections. Vera Wang and others.

These two are closest to the style my friend is going to have at her wedding.

Not to forget the veils...

Nor the shoes. Apprently you can have all sorts of wedding shoes these days. These are all from here.

Maybe someday I'm going to have my day. To be a princess, to ride away with my prince. But I'm not rushing, I have all the time. If I even get married.

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