Feeling it!

I can feel the summer coming! I'm having the best evening in weeks and weeks! You got to listen to this song, really! Getting so in the mood for sun, beaches and my man. Unluckily not one of these are achievable.

I've done some illegal shopping past three days. I was just going to buy a mp3 player, because my old one won't open for me anymore. For some reason. And it's not the batteries! I ended up buying everything but. Like two pair of shoes (even though I'd already given up on shoes), a dress, a movie, three cd's (Scandinavian music group, they had new one coming 1.4.), candy, buttons, zippers... I even made a promise not to buy anything this month. But damn. I shouldn't have gone to the town center. 

This is my 5 euro dress. Not bad, when it was originally 45 euros. Really nice to wear on hot summer day! I wore this with denim leggings today at school. 

And this. The second expensive shoes I've ever bought. Clarks' high-heels. Genuine leather all the way. The pictures don't make them look as nice as they really are. I'm going to use these next summer even if it kills me :D! Ignore my Snow White's legs.

I tried to travel to Joensuu today, but I didn't make it to the train on time. So, I'm spending a regular weekend at home meeting my friends and family. Nice, but I would have liked to go to see one of my best friends... At least I spoke with my boyfriend through MSN. I miss him. Feel lonly and empty, I even sleep poorly. But I'm brave enough! Sun shines again and hopefully tommorow also. And hopefully I'll have this energy till next morning! Have a nice weekend everyone, if I don't catch up.

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