Construction of 18th century stays part 2

I have been finishing the last details of my stays. I have half of the lining done now. And almost all of the eyelets. I didn't manage to make the last ones as nice as the ones before for some reason. Well, they'll do. 

The lining pieces are cut according to the pattern pieces except the tabs's linings. They needed to be cut individually. I used the pattern as my guideline and cut the lining a little bigger and longer than the tabs. I pinned the lining pieces first a piece at a time. I turned the edges under, but didn't turn the edge that goes under the next piece. You can see what I mean from the pictures.

After pinning a piece of lining I sew it by hand this time using polyester thread because I don't have any white cotton thread. By the way in my opinion cotton thread is better than polyester because it doesn't make knots as easily. My white thread makes annoyingly many knots as I am sewing.  I used the same stitch as I used to attach the pink tapes over the seams. Anyway I managed to cover the raw edges and untidiness's with the lining. I think it's pretty close to how the originals were made.    

And here is the final product! The edges are not precisely symmetric because I needed to make the front panels smaller and it was difficult to be precise. But now that's done and the stays are much better in size. I like the combination of green and pink. I think the colors make my stays a little playful which I like. I am a little proud of myself even! These are my first ever stays and I did a pretty good job! Though it's much thanks to Sanna for lending me the pattern. 

And this is how the stays look on me (pictured with Sanna's shift):

Oh dear! I didn't realize I'd laced the stays wrong on the front! Oh, well...have to be more attentive next time. This has nothing to do with the stays but I wish I had more money at the moment so I could do something about my hair colour. At the top my hair is normal grayish colour, but sun has bleached the ends. It would nice to have even fresh colour allover my hair. 

Now I have my stays. Next I just need to make everything else :D. A shift, a petticoat, a bum roll and a dress of my own. I think I'd like to make a robe a la polonaise. I'm waiting to get smoky blue  colored silk imitation fabric I bought last week. Sadly I can't afford real silk.

Part one here.

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